Jiri to Everest Base Camp: Deurali

Day 1. I was really excited about starting to walk through the Valleys of Nepal. Before this trip, I had only hiked locally, mainly around the Eastern Township and in White Mountain in Vermont. Hitting the trails on day 1 was a mixed feeling of anxiousness and adrenaline.

The night before I had a typical local meal, black beans, rice and curry veggies for which I knew I would be eating a lot across this trek. The higher you get, the more expensive food get, especially with any type of goodies. A Snickers bar can cost up to 7$ US. Sticking to typical meals is also a good way to be submerged in the experience…

I would start walking at 8 am, take a break at lunch and would find a Tea House around 1600hrs to spend the night. The oxygen level and the denivelation was affecting the amount the km I was able to travel in the day. Every night, I would look at my map in order to plan the next day. I had to look for the next village where I would have lunch, as well as my final destination. You don’t want to be walking overly tired or have to walk at night… This can lead to injuries and there are no ambulances. The only way to get a med evac is with a helicopter…

Jiri, the city where the bus dropped me on day 1 (read here) was already at 1905 m above sea level. I knew this adventure would bring me to heights of up to 5500 m. Therefore, I was apprehending the way my body would react to the altitude.

So I kept walking to have lunch in Shivalaya. I then continued my walk up to Chhimbu. Chhimbu is a tiny village located on top of the valley. It offered me an excellent view at the end the day. Even thought it was freezing, I still took time to enjoy the view!

Je me suis vite rendu compte qu’un sac à dos de 55 lbs est très pesant et que je devrai trouver une façon de l’alléger… Étant à ma première expédition du genre, j’ignorais le poids maximal que je pourrais supporter. De plus, les effets de l’altitude commençaient déjà à se faire ressentir… Pour ceux qui n’ont jamais expérimenté les effets du manque d’oxygène, chaque pas devient très difficile et requiert une grande quantité d’énergie. Aucune force n’est disponible dans les jambes et le souffle devient très court…

8 hours and 25 km later, this concluded my first walking day!

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