Jiri to Everest Base Camp: Kinja

This day was quite uneventful, I kept going and kept walking! What is great about starting from Jiri is you truly get to walk in the Valleys of Nepal. That way, you can see a drastic change in the landscape… starting in the forest, walking in the valleys and at some point, you see the vegetation vanishing with altitude.

As you may notice in those pictures, I left the big flat valleys for smaller one. Villages were getting smaller and smaller and 2-3 hours apart from each other. There’s no other way around than walking to get to different places!

I did this trek in December, which is the low season because it’s winter and freezing. Jiri to EBC is even less popular, since people usually start the trek from Lukla. That being said, on my trek from Jiri to Lukla, I may have seen only 5 other trekkers over 6 days… Trails were mainly used by locals and donkeys.

Throughout this trip, I was able to live through their lifestyle and get a excellent sens of how they live.

Local family having me over for diner

The highlight of this day was to eat with a local family in their own kitchen. Nepalis are extremely kind, and they take good care of tourist. Up there, the mother will take care of the house and the kids while the dad will work the land. Kids will also contribute with chores like doing the laundry or working the land with the dad.

This concluded my third walking day! Onto the next one, I would be crossing a pass called Lamjura at 3525 m. At this altitude, the lack of oxygen starts to affect your body and this is the breakup point for many people. I will also explain what a pass is as I would cross several more over my trek.

Si vous avez aimé la dernière publication, regardez celle-ci!

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