Jiri to Everest Base Camp: Lukla

Last day before reaching a major milestone! I actually didn’t stop in Lukla on the way there. I wanted to avoid the extra 400 m elevation to do in order to reach Lukla. Instead, I took a different path and stayed in a village called Dungde.

I was the ONLY tourist in this city… And this solitude probably led me to one of the greatest cultural experience I had throughout this trip!

Dungde at Sunrise

If you’ve been following my previous post, I touched the topic of how Nepalis stick together and hold on tight (read here). They live and work by village, and whenever someone of a village dies, everyone will gather to “celebrate” the death.

So that night, there was this huge gathering in Dungde. As I was walking around the village, I was curious and started looking around to see why people were gathering like that.

Someone had passed away and so more than 200 people were gathering for this sad event. Someone saw mew walking around simply invited me to get in. They fed me, offered me tea and kept feeding me as much as I body would let me.

I couldn’t understand a single words they were saying, and no one was speaking either French or English… Despite that, being there, living this tragedy yet happy moment with them will be for ever engraved in my memory.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of that night… After that, I was all emotional and I couldn’t believe what I just lived.

So this was pretty much it for this day. I got to sleep in an empty tea house. There was more than 75 rooms, and I was the only one there. The very few trekkers were staying in Lukla and only the people who walked from Jiri (read here) would stay in this village.

On a different note, when you look at the pictures my blog feed, you can see the vegetation evolving. From now on, there would be less broadleaved tress. Now it was mainly pine tress or small bushes.

The next day, I would be heading to Namche Bazar at 3500 m and at this place, you would clearly see bigger and impressive mountains with almost no more vegetation.

Tiny village in the mountains

So this was it for the Jiri to Lukla trek. I’ve been on the trails for 6 days now and I still had 14 days in front of me! Since I didn’t take any rest days, I had enough time to try the 3 high passes as well as going to the Everest Base Camp. 3 high passes would be super challenging, but I was confident I would be able to make it! In order to do the 3 high passes, I would have to stay over 5000 m for more than 7 days!

Si vous avez aimé la dernière publication, regardez celle-ci!

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