Jiri to Everest Base Camp: Lamjura Pass

On the menu for this day was a pass called Lamjura Pass. A pass is when you change side of the mountain. Those passes will be indicated on the map and there will be prayer flags since they usually offer an excellent view point. Moreover, those flags are useful as a reference point to you know where you are. Throughout this trip, I crossed several high passes that will be shown to you later on this blog.

Lamjura Pass, 3525 m

Lamjura Pass is at 3525 m. Even tho if altitude sickness can happen at almost any height, 3500 m is usually a trigger point for most people. At this altitude your whole body definitely gets heavier and every step becomes challenging.

Something interesting I noticed is the drastic change of vegetation and landscape on each side of the pass. At 3500 m, there is still vegetation. However, the side the mountain is facing will affect what grows there. Below, you can see two pictures taken at the exact same altitude but two distinct side of Lamjura Pass.

Side of Lajumra Pass facing NORTH-WEST
Side of Lajumra Pass facing SOUTH-EAST

I kept going to reach some more valleys and a village called Dudhakunda. The way down took a really long time, as I was going from 3500 m all the way down to 2700 m… My knees tend to get tight on the way down, therefore I am very slow and very careful to not twist an ankle…

People within a village stand together

People within a village stand together and help each other. The picture above shows a gathering as a death ceremonial. The whole village will gather together to eat and drink. This is a really emotional yet joyful process. People will walk hours to get to this ceremony.

This concluded the third day. If you like this journey, make sure you like, subscribe and read more on this blog!

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