Jiri to Everest Base Camp: Bupsa

This was my 5th days on the trails. The plan for the day was a walk to Bupsa, which was my last stop before reaching Lukla. Lukla is the biggest town of the area with its small airport.

On the trails, there are many tea houses. The challenge during the low season (winter) is to find one that is open. During the high season, the challenge would be to find a tea house with rooms available! That being said, even tho if my planning wasn’t 100% accurate, it was pretty easy to find a place to sleep for the most part in the Jiri to Lukla segment.

As I was walking on this sunny day, I started hearing this tone coming from far. I couldn’t tell exactly where it was coming from, but I knew it was the tone of a trumpet.

So I kept walking to realized that, what I was earring was actually a Monk’s Ceremony blasting the trumpet out loud in the mountains. With the location of the monastery, the tone was reverberating everywhere in-between the mountains punching right through your body.

During December in Nepal, it’s winter. Depending of the altitude you are, it can get really cold at night. During this journey, I would wake up to a -20C temperature inside my room.

With this in mind, this day was the only day when I got to see a plant with a colour other than green.

Those red-pink flowers in this enchanting village simply brightened up this day…

Taking the time to appreciate those small details will change a trip. When it gets hard, you have to get hooked to your objective and take those small moments of joy to gives you the energy required to go through your day.

Those pink flowers, this tone I heard from the monastery, all those little things made every blisters worth it.

This concluded my 5th day in my journey. I got to sleep in a small little town called Bupsa from where I would be heading to Lukla the next morning.

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